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Rhinoplasty-Nose is too large

The nose is the central feature of the face. It is also the feature which most commonly causes people to feel self-conscious usually as a result of being teased. Like most problems of appearance, you feel shy and timid and avoid meeting people, and as a result become lonely and secluded, this effects relationships and performance at work which again is counterproductive and you enter a vicious cycle that leads ultimately to depression. 

The characteristics of our noses, which are inherited from our parents, develop during our adolescent years and, for most of us, our noses do not stop growing until we are sixteen. It is unwise to operate on the nose whilst it is still growing.

There is ni right size of the nose, it is the proportion with the face that matters. Treatment is only required when a nose has grown disproportionately large for the rest of the face. If your problem of appearance is that of a nose which is too small or has been flattened by an injury, you should read My Nose Is Too Flat.

What can be done?

An operation called REDUCTION RHINOPLASTY reduces the size of the framework of the nose over which its skin is draped. The skin itself is not touched. The frame of the nose, which is made up of bone in its upper half and gristle (cartilage) in its lower half is approached from underneath the skin through cuts which are made inside the nostrils. Think of the frame of the nose as being like the roof of a house. In order to straighten the nose and bring its bridge closer to the face, its “ridge” is cut away. Then, to restore a new “ridge” or bridge-line, the two sides of the nose are brought together by cutting the bones of the nose where they join onto the cheek bones. The elasticity of the overlying skin allows it to shrink down on the smaller frame.

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