Wildly popular since it was first introduced in the 1990s, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), also known as ‘strip harvesting’ is an advanced hair restoration procedure that involves the transplant of hair from areas at the sides and back of the scalp that have hair growth to balding or thinning areas. This is done by the removal of a single strip of follicular units of hair from donor areas and implanting those follicular units into recipient areas on your scalp.

What is a Follicular Unit?

In case you are not familiar with the term, by follicular unit we mean a single hair follicle, which is a sac-like structure under the scalp in which 1 to 4 hair roots are embedded. It nourishes and promotes growth of the hair originating from it.


Mostly, the back of the scalp having remaining hair is used in FUT. After numbing the scalp, the surgeon uses a blade to remove a strip of tissue from this area of the scalp in one go under microscopic vision. Once removed, the strip is cut into thousands of individual follicular units containing one to four hairs each. These follicular units are then implanted into areas on the head where hair is lacking.

Being of the most popular hair transplant methods, FUT is a promising technique with its long lasting results including maximal hair density when done by expert hands such as the skillful handling of Dr. Shehab Baig.


Before you plan on having the surgery, you must consult with your hair transplant surgeon and inform them about your medical history, and if you are taking any medications or multivitamins. In most cases, patients require multiple sessions, the number of which is discussed during the consultation appointment. Avoid cutting your hair short if you wish to disguise the stitches post-surgery. Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption and caffeine.

Once you’re done with the procedure, you will need to place your head on a higher level than the rest of your body when you sleep. Alcohol, smoking, hot showers, direct exposure to sunlight and strenuous exercise will need to be avoided for some time in order to facilitate healing and ensure success of the operation.


With FUT, you don’t need to worry about an artificial look, plugginess or unevenly distributed hair. When done by capable hands, the procedure is known for its natural-seeming results. However, it does cause a scar on the scalp at the end of the procedure which might be a concern if you plan on wearing a very short haircut. Otherwise, the scar can stay hidden under hair which is a bit longer.

Few weeks after the procedure, the transplanted hair falls off, only to grown again in four months’ time, with hair restoration being apparent in six months, achieving maximum density in up to a year.

In inexperienced or poorly skilled hands, hair follicles can be damaged during the procedure, causing less than optimal results with poor hair density. That is why we recommend you to undergo the procedure from one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Pakistan, who will make all his best efforts to ensure that you get the ideal head full of hair you have always desired.