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Hair Transplant in karachi

Hair Transplant in Karachi
Hair Transplant in Karachi | AHTCS Clinic | Dr. Mirza Shehab Afzal Beg

Hair loss is the most common grievances amongst men that lead to baldness. Hair Transplant in Karachi Men are more vulnerable to hair loss than women. Celebrities are no strangers to hair transplantation surgery. The scope of hair transplantation surgery is increasing among celebrities.

Celebrities especially men are very much satisfied and comfortable with the notion of hair transplantation. Hair Transplant in Karachi Many celebrities who had been suffering from baldness are embracing the procedure of hair restoration and getting satisfactory outcomes.

Hair Transplant in Karachi Many male celebrities have undergone hair transplantation surgery to regain lost hair back from best and most trusted clinic of Pakistan that is AHTCS. Fakhar Imam is the Pakistani actor and husband of renowned Pakistani actress Sana who also has experienced hair transplantation surgery and very much happy and satisfied with results.

Fakhar is one of handsome male celebrities in Pakistan. Hair Transplant in Karachi He appears in many shows especially morning shows with his wife. Believe it or not, he did face hair loss problems. There was a phase when Fakhar hair began to lose. Hair loss became worst, and he was afraid of getting completely bald. His hair loss left him feeling self-conscious and was much anxious about his looks.

He wanted permanent and natural looking hair growth. He felt the utmost need of hair transplantation surgery. Fakhar took assistance from AHTCS, and he has gone on to have hair transplantation from AHTCS so that he would have a better appearance. Thanks to AHTCS, Fakhar can get lost hair back on his head.

Fakhar Happy with Hair Transplant Results

Hair Transplant in Karachi Fakhar is one of satisfied and happiest clients of AHTCS, and it is the consequence of best hair transplantation surgeons, latest and innovative tools and best methods and procedures being used in AHTCS that Fakhar hair are back and make him look absolutely fantastic.

Hair Transplant in Karachi Now he looks more dashing than before. Even no one can detect that he has undergone hair transplantation surgery. Because of AHTCS he got an ultra fresh look, and he always admires the effort and expertise of surgeons and treatment in the best environment provided by AHTCS.

Why Consider AHTCS for Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant in Karachi Celebrities always want to achieve huge respect, Hair Transplant in Karachi and they have realized that their appearance is really important for their fans and their successful career. So for sufferer celebrities, hair transplantation is of paramount importance. The best hair restoration procedures provided by AHTCS are becoming so common and fuss free,  and there is no surprise that Pakistani celebrities are increasingly and openly taking assistance from AHTCS and Fakhar Imam is the live example.

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