Neck Lift & Double Chin Treatment

What is a neck lift? A neck lift is actually a set of procedures used to enhance the

appearance and rejuvenate your neck, each technique can be used together or in combination

with the others. A plastic surgeon will need to advise on which combination is best for

A neck lift can be done in combination with a full facelift or alone, and may require an

incision underneath and behind the ear, or under the chin. It will re-define the angle

between the chin and neck.
As we get older the skin loses elasticity and droops. Coupled with a subcutaneous fat layer

around and under the chin, we can frequently end up with a double chin or undefined jaw

line – regardless of our age. For those who are self-conscious about this VASER Lipo can be

a viable option to transform the area.

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What are the Side Effects of Neck Lift & Double Chin Surgery?

How long Does The Recovery Take?

How much time does the procedure takes?

What are the complications during & after the treatment?

What should you do after a Double Chin Surgery?