Mustache Surgery in Karachi

Thick, manly mustaches are the most valuable feature on a man’s face. This symbol of masculinity is adopted globally to showcase grace and maturity together.

Along with the western trend, Middle East and other Asian countries feel reputed with a dense moustache and are ready to undertake the moustache hair surgery or transplant for a masculine look. Pakistan is not behind any other nation to practice such surgeries skillfully.

Top cosmetic surgeons from Pakistan are serving in this regard and on daily basis thousands of surgeries are conducted in the genre of hair transplant.

Good news is that the hair transplant is not restricted to scalp hair as people are also transplanting hair on various regions to enhance their looks and to disguise some scars. Moustache surgery is one of such practice and these moustache surgeries are rendering successfully in Pakistani hair transplant clinics.

A moustache surgery is done either to recover the scarce growth of hair on the upper lip but generally the surgery is done to suppress the trauma marks or scar on the upper lip. The expert surgeon then extract damaged hair from the affected area and aligned the remaining hair follicles to give the upper lip a consistent growth of facial hair.
The price of a moustache surgery in Karachi varies for different individual as the cost generally depends on how many individual grafts is required for a smart moustache, and it also depends on the type of moustache you want to grow, another factor that determine the price of the procedure are the number of existing facial hair. In western countries these type of surgeries are very expensive any number of grafts between 2,500 and 4,000 can cost you more then £2000 plus. However, in Pakistan you can have this number of grafts in a much lower price. In a moustache surgery the specialized hair restoration surgeon select those hairs that have the same texture as your mustache have The surgeon is well aware of the style of your native hair and do would check whether it blends with the transplanted hair or In a competent procedure the blending should done correctly to give your moustache the all natural look.
A very interesting fact about the moustache transplant has been reported recently when a news is published about a French moustache transplant surgeon Pierre Buchanan who, has been performing increasing numbers of mustache implants since last five years .According to him the majority of his patients come from the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Lebanon and Turkey, with men traveling to France to have the surgery performed. They are generally between 30 to 50, years old and were able to fly back their country after the one day procedure, these patients can conveniently wash the next day, and could shave after 15 days; however a six months period is needed to check the real success.