Micro Fat Transfer Treatment

Micro Fat Transfer, also called Fat Transplantation or Microlipoinjection is the harvesting of fat from one area of the body for re-injection into another, such as the cheeks or hands.

The fat is usually collected from the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs using a liposuction technique. The collected fat is then prepared before reinjection into the new area. For small areas of fat transfer to the face, tiny needles are used to distribute the fat carefully and evenly in the layer of the skin just under the surface.

Repeat procedures are often required as transplanted fat is partially reabsorbed by the body. The length of time that these results last can vary significantly between patients. They are also dependent on the area treated and the skill of the doctor injecting the fat.


Small areas of fat collection may be performed in an outpatient clinic room, (providing it has the right facilities) but large areas would normally be done in a hospital.

The fat is usually collected from the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. Small cuts, around 5mm or so in length, are made around the area to be treated, and a hollow suction tube (cannula) is put in and moved around to break up the unwanted fat. The fat is removed, either by being sucked out manually with a large syringe, or with the use of a vacuum pump. The surface layer of skin remains attached to the tissue and underlying muscles, and a thin blanket of fat is left to help prevent rippling or lumpy or irregular looking skin following fat removal.

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