Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair Loss , a main problem found in different man’s, it occurs in the late 50s or it can occur in the young 20s , 30s or even late teens too. Baldness is like a tool to demotivate the confidence,beauty and smartness of an individual,many people are good looking while being bald but that is because they are handsome, not everyone can imagine being good looking bald.

Hair Transplant includes the restoration of the loss hairs which are restored back through a surgery.
The hair transplant process depends upon three stages that are pre-operative stage,operative and post operative stage.

Hair Transplant is the most famous and resultant way to get your lost hairs back and we are here to perform that particular
surgery for you.

AHTCS provides you the best of Hair Transplant in Karachi , the shortest way to get your self groomed and boost your confidence.
Dr Shaheb Baig, well known for his surgical work in PAKISTAN,UK and many other countries and he is one of the top well known Plastic Surgeons in Karachi and all over Pakistan,now he is currently located in Karachi to provide Hair transplant services.

AHTCS is the best hair transplant center in Karachi offering high quality with affordable cost by Dr Shehab Beg – 021-35821838|39