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Myth about Hair Transplant Procedure

Myth about Hair Transplant | Hair Transplant in Karachi

Let Us Help You Get Your Hair Back Myth about Hair Transplant | Hair Transplant in Karachi

AHTCS is one of the most renowned and reliable hair transplant centers in Pakistan. Hair transplant is done to give a permanent solution to the baldness. Hair Transplant in Karachi Hair follicles harvested from the donor to the patient scalp. Myth about Hair Transplant Two methods of doing it are Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Myth about Hair Transplant Both this technique is being implemented at AHTCS according to the needs of the patients . Hair transplantation has certainly improved during the last few years and now hair transplants produce good results.

AHTCS has got plenty of successful cases, and that is the reason AHTCS is appreciated not only by the general public but also by many renowned celebrities. It’s because of the best treatment that AHTCS provide all the patients get positive and best results. Our patients get satisfied with our services, and that is the reason they advise others to take help from us. | Hair Transplant in Karachi

At AHTCS KARACHI, we take good care of our patients and their needs. Take blood tests and then the best treatment is advised to the patient. After getting complete information, all the best possible solutions are given to the patient and then with patient consent and doctor’s advice final decision are made.

Hair Transplant Surgery of Usman

Usman is also a member of AHTCS family as he got a hair transplant done. 2780 grafts planted during his hair transplant, and he became satisfied with the work of AHTCS. If you are having any problem and were feeling shy to discuss, then you need to consult our staff, and they will guide you in the best manner keeping your requirements in mind. | Hair Transplant in Karachi

Before hair transplant
After hair transplant
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