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Plastic Surgery Pakistan

When we heard Plastic surgery we think this must be concerned about repairing tissues only but plastic surgery Pakistan is the vast field of medical science and it is concerned with the reconstructive surgeries, correction or restoration and body modification etc. In plastic surgery the person’s appearance is involved completely. In plastic surgery Pakistan the appearance of the any patient could be enhanced by the reconstructive work.

Plastic surgery has now become the very famous in all over the world and has some of top successful procedures and by the help of these procedures people get there beauty and confidence back, the most famous procedure of plastic surgery Karachi Pakistan is Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery, in which a gap in upper lips happens during the gestation could be easily cure by the plastic surgery procedure.

The other famous procedure in plastic surgery Pakistan field is burns reconstruction, in which any part of the body burnt completely so it can be repaired before and after the burning by the help of plastic surgery, this is the very artistic surgery in which we take skin from the different area of the body and then artistically paste on the grafted area which makes original to that part and this is the art of the surgery. The hand surgery is the common example of plastic surgery in Pakistan, wrist surgery, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Congenital disorder are the common names in plastic surgery. Plastic surgery helps people in their odd time when their looks threats for them, the one common example of plastic surgery is scar repair, scar what can make your life horrible if it is on your face, your face is your beauty and it will ruin if you can get scar on your face, only plastic surgery Pakistan procedure can repair the scar and make that so fine so people cannot even see that scar was there, it all happens by the help of plastic surgery Karachi Pakistan. Our center AHTCS is only center in Karachi, which is famous for the top class procedures, plastic surgery Pakistan, our doctor Dr Shehab beg has got the highest degree in the field of plastic surgery and he has done thousand of successful surgeries. His successful rate is 100%. We are giving services of every procedure of plastic surgery in Pakistan.

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