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Hair Transplant in Karachi, Pakistan

We are going to discuss hair falling issues in Karachi and hair transplant centers in Karachi as solution. We will also guide you ways to choose best technique and hair transplant center in city Karachi.

Hair Issue in Karachi:

Hairs falling are the most common issue of now days in Karachi, Pakistan. This problem is growing day by day and still we do not have any cure of it. Hairs is the only factor in our personality if its not be proper combed or our hairs have thinning so our personality would be low, dull and unharmed.

Solutions of Hair Issues Available in Karachi:

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan it is highly effective by hair loss issue. Our scientist and doctors are researching on that how can they solve this issue and we have found one in the quick solution called of “Hair Transplant”. This is not the name of any medicine or any oil but it is the name of surgical technique by which we can get our personality and beauty back.

Hair Transplant Overview:

Hair Transplant is only procedure by having this we can get original hairs which grow like our other original hairs, we can trim our hairs and have a hair cut too after having hair transplant and our hairs would grow like original hairs, there is no side effects of this procedure, dandruff and sunlight heat would not damage these hairs too. This is the most famous procedure to resolve this issue.

Hair Transplant Techniques you can Choose in Karachi:

There are two techniques of Hair transplant commonly used in Karachi, one is strip harvesting or strip surgery, it is called single follicle hair transplant surgery too and the other is latest technique which is called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction. In both techniques we need to get hairs from our back of the head which is named “donor area” this area have the most strength hairs in our body, after having roots from there we need to sort that roots and every root has one, two, three or four hairs in it, we need to find most strengthen area in the donor area so we can easily get those roots who has three or four hairs in every root, after sorting we need to implant these roots on the area by the helping of tool named “Forceps” where we see thinning or gapes. Other most important hair loss part of the head is temporal and peaks which can be receded when you get older so by hair transplant of this particular area you can get your younger look back and never look older again. In Karachi this problem is now curable.

Hair Transplant Side Effect?

Hair transplant is easy, safe and secure procedure, there are no side effects of it, all the surgery performed in Karachi with the help of local anesthesia so you can not feel pain during the procedure and it will not harm your skin, scalp or any part of the body, this procedure takes 5 to 6 hours to complete and the implanted hairs starts growing in 3 to 4 months and you will get your personality back after the result complete.

Our Hair Transplant center in Karachi:

Our center is the no 1 center in the field of hair transplant in Karachi and we have British trained plastic surgeon and specially trained staff for this particular procedure and with the latest technique and advanced equipments we have produced thousands of successful surgeries which make us best hair transplant institute in Karachi. There are some common question asked by the people of Karachi, Pakistan and we have given answer of them.

How to Choose Best Center In Karachi?

People used many types of tips and suggestion to verify this center and surgeon.

He asked this patient how one already gains services of this center.

  • - Much people known surgeon qualification of this center.
  • - Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan, that’s why public choose center in Karachi.
  • - Public searches this person who prefer center in Karachi, Pakistan.

Hair Transplant technique we should choose in Karachi?

Hair transplant or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is latest technique. Which we can implant roots to your head, beard, and eyebrows by taking roots from you back of the head.

Why the Hairs fall from the head?

There are many reasons for hair fall but in terms of surgery we do accept that there are two most common reasons one is Genetic and the other DHT (Hormone).

Is hair transplant good for both genders?

Hair Transplant or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is latest and newest techniques in Karachi, Pakistan. FUE techniques are most beneficial for both genders male and female. The techniques which are used previously are taking much time compare to latest FUE or Hair Transplant Techniques and previously are very painful for both genders male and female. Our center which is located in Karachi, Pakistan used latest and newest techniques for Hair Transplant Surgery.

Any doctor can perform Hair transplant surgery in Karachi?

Hair Transplant or FUE is not a normal surgery, because this surgery needs high professional surgeon and latest equipments and newest techniques. In Karachi Dr Sheheb Beg is highly qualified surgeon in Karachi, He complete his study from UK or Ireland. He is Chair Person Hair Transplant Council in Liaquat National Hospital in Karachi. He done thousand of cases in past and satisfied customer is our warranty. Our Center name AHTCS. And Our Center located in 6th Zamzama Street, DHA Karachi, Pakistan.

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